Friday, September 25, 2009


While sitting in class yesterday, my cadre was brainstorming ideas for our blogs.  We are supposed to become experts at something in an attempt to narrow our focus around dissertation ideas.  Keep in mind, we are all 1st year students and are in the early phases of all of this! 

My previous posts have been serving as a "think tank" or journal of some sorts around getting teachers to use technology in authentic ways to enhance learners' experiences.  I've also been tinkering around with various web 2.0 tools, and also researching new media literacy and social bookmarking sites, like Diigo.  Anyway, I ran across this idea of "collective intelligence" while researching new media literacy.

Collective Intelligence Defined (by Wikipedia)
Collective Intelligence (C.I.) is a group  intelligence that emerges from the collaboration and competition of many individuals. It is important to distinguish Collective Intelligence (C.I.) from shared intelligence. Collective Intelligence is the knowledge available to all members of a community, while shared intelligence is knowledge known by all members of a community.

 As it turns out MIT is doing some interesting work around this concept as well as a host of other researchers.  I think my question will be, "How can teachers' collective intelligence be harnessed through the use of technology?" For me, this may be a powerful way to truly shape professional learning communities, and explore teacher leadership simultaneously.  Wish me luck!

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