Thursday, September 10, 2009

Get Out of the Way

I was having a conversation with my literacy team yesterday, and one member expressed concern over technology usage in general. His comment was that he didn't feel comfortable using his laptop, and, in turn, felt that he was limited in his ability to integrate technology in a meaningful way.

This reminded of a comment one of my classmates made during a Blackboard discussion. Her current profession requires her to work with K-12 teachers specifically around technology. She observed that there was so much concern about making sure teachers were the experts, that it blocked possible progress in terms of students. Plainly put, she felt that "teachers just needed to get out of the way". My sentiments exactly!!!

As I stated in a previous post, I still do not have the knowledge base that my kids have around using my Mac. One of my closest colleagues is the chairperson of our annual "Living Museum" project, which is basically a history fair that involves high levels of critical thinking, collaboration, and problem solving. We've worked together closely over the past few years, and have seen our kids produce thought-provoking, entertaining documentaries, year after year.

I didn't realize until recently that he had no idea how to make an I-Movie. I was actually shocked when he pointed this out in passing. I, like everyone else, assumed that since his kids produced such wonderful media, surely he must be teaching them how to do it. No, as it turns out he just "got out of the way" and continues to do so. Thanks for the lesson DMJ.

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