Tuesday, October 6, 2009

I'm in Love with....Twitter

"What are you doing"?  Four words that I thought just a few short months ago were for people with nothing better to do.   I, along with several others I know, jokingly referred to Twitter as "new age stalking", until I realized its awesome power as a networking tool.  Twitter has quickly become my primary source of exchanging information with other educators, students, technology specialists across the world.

I primarily follow those with similar interest and careers because I've found some of the most interesting articles, teaching tools, and conference dates are shared daily.  I've even recently begun to follow a group of 130 educators through TweetML, and cannot believe I've not been using this as a collaboration tool before now!  I'm also currently in the process of thinking through authentic ways to for my students to use this tool as well including short responses to discussion questions, following authors of novels we are reading, or simply exchanging quick tidbits of information and/or ideas.  So
" what am I doing"- I am harnessing knowledge and intelligence of many and plan to continue to do so!

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