Thursday, January 7, 2010

Kudos 2 Common Craft!!!

Okay, this will be a short one. But after viewing Common Craft's latest addition to its "in plain English" series, I simply had to acknowledge them. In short, "Protecting Reputation Online", is the most concise, kid-friendly explanation I've ever seen covering a touchy, yet important, topic.  Working with tech savvy middle school students, I have had more than my share of experiences with young people who fail to realize the implications of posting questionable images and comments on the web. 

I've actually had a conversation with an admissions counselor at one of the city's most selective high schools, who admits regularly searching for applicants' names of facebook and other social networking sites when attempting to make admissions decision.  I've also had to deal with numerous episodes of "sexting", young girls sending inappropriate images to boys they like, which inevitably end up in the hands of every student with hours.

It's available as always for immediate download for just $20.  I'd like to thank my twitter friends for this one- as always you are one of my best resources!

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